Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Call to register for Legislative Council elections- Make use of the Opportunity

It has been a long wait, expecting that good Governance will happen, Change has to be created, let us all be a part of  one of world's largest democracy, with elections fast approaching in Tamil Nadu join hands and vote for a change. Register your names in voter list by downloading the forms and turning it in by Nov 6th.

November 6, 2010 will be the last date for the receipt of applications by the designated officers for inclusion of the names of electors eligible for voting in the forthcoming election to the various constituencies of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Council, according to C.R. Brahmam, Consultant to the Chief Electoral Officer, Tamil Nadu, on the election of members to the Legislative Council, which has been revived by the Tamil Nadu government.

All states have a Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly), popularly elected for terms of up to five years, while a small (and declining) number of states also have an upper house, the Vidhan Parishad (Legislative Council), roughly comparable to the Rajya Sabha, with memberships that may not be more than one-third the size of the assemblies. In these councils, one-sixth of the members are nominated...

Allocation of seats in Tamil Nadu:
Out of the 78 seats in the council, seven seats are allocated to the Graduates' Constituencies (one seat for each of the seven constituencies), seven seats for the Teachers' Constituencies (one seat for each of the seven constituencies), and 26 seats for the Local Authorities' Constituencies.
26 seats would be filled by the MLAs, while candidates nominated by the Governor would fill 12 seats. The Graduates, Teachers and Local Authorities Constituencies (LACs) would cover all the districts in the State.

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