Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Please Sign Online Petition for Absentee Voting for NRI's

Dear Friends,
Hope you are aware of NRI Voting rights draft bill, passed in Rajya Sabha on Aug 30th 2010, and is to be introduced in Lok Sabha 2010(Nov) of the Indian Parliament.

Good News is - This extends Voting Rights to NRIs.

Bad News is - You need to be physically present on election day in India to cast your vote.

Please think how practical this is for about 2.5 crore NRIs to excercise their franchise by being present in India at the same time. For 10 lakh NRIs, it takes 100 days with all flights booked to India . What about 2.5 crores? Impossible.

Please support extending "Absentee Voting" for NRIs by signing online petition (takes less than 15 sec, but adds infinite value to the cause and no donations required.)

Online Petition :

Note: No need to donate. You can close the web page once you sign and submit the petetion.

Current Activity: Besides getting support from NRIs thru online petition, We are reaching all MPs and other concerned officials to make our voice heard. If you want to volunteer, please visit to learn more.

"Vote is our Right, Let us not to be denied"

Thanking You

Raghava R Solipuram, PMP
- A Responsible Citizen
Ph: 781 367 9367

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