Friday, February 11, 2011

7th National Conference on Electoral and Political Reforms

Date: Feb 12 and 13, 2011
Venue: IITM Chennai
5th Pillar along with other organizations is hosting the Conference. This along with the Political Party Watch programme is aimed at the introduction of transparency and accountability mechanisms in the electoral and political system of the country. The conference mainly focuses on the declarationof the assets and criminal record of candidates during elections and recently in the disclosure of IT returns of political parties. The country is witnessing a decrease in the percentage of candidates with criminal records from 20% to about 14% in the Assembly elections held in 2008 and leaders of major political parties, have expressed the need to decriminalize politics. However, our journey has only begun. These Annual Conferences are an attempt to synchronize all our efforts and to build upon the energies of various stakeholders who have worked on the same issues at different levels. Previous Conferences were held in Ahmedabad (2003), Bangalore (2004), Patna (2006), Lucknow (2007) Mumbai (2008) and Bhopal (2010). Delegates to the Chennai conference will include organizations from all States of India participating in the National Election Watch (NEW) campaign, eminent citizens, media persons, bureaucrats and leaders from various political parties.

The focus of this Conference will be on sharing experiences of the Bihar Assembly elections and in that light discussions on the forthcoming elections in Assam, Pondicherry, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. Special sessions are planned on ‘Political Party Reforms’, ‘Strengthening of the Electoral System’ and ‘Prevention of Misappropriation of Funds during Election Campaigns’. The National Election Watch groups from each state, NGOs and youth will share their experience based on year long consultations in their respective states by the Election Watch groups. 

At the end of two days, Resolutions on Electoral and Political reforms are expected to be passed and a comprehensive ‘Declaration on Electoral and Political Reforms’ is expected to be brought out.

We encourage you to attend the conference with your friends and family. Free Admissions. Click here to register. 


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