Wednesday, August 24, 2011

5th Pillar motivates students & public of Coimbatore to form Human chain and sit on fast to urge the Government to implement the Lokpal Bill

Today, 5th day of 5th Pillar’s indefinite fast in support of Anna Hazare’s fasting began with large number of students joining us and extending their support. Later the students and public formed a human chain supporting our indefinite fast nearby our venue at Presidents Hall, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore. As the time went nearly 5000 students from 36 different colleges got united and the human chain extended to more than 3 kms on either side of the road. 

After the human chain, members of 5th Pillar and people from other organizations motivated the students with their valuable speech for eliminating corruption. Many students voluntarily shared their views about Janlokpal bill and their support for anti-corruption. Zero Rupee Notes were distributed to all participants and they pledged against corruption and signed the zero rupee note banner. 

They also signed the 'Petition to PM' to request for implementing Anna Hazare’s Janlokpal bill. After that about 500 students sat with us for one day fast. Later 3 students Mr.Manikandan, Mr.Lingesh & Mr.Prasath decided to sit for indefinite fast with us. The day ended with inspiring the young minds on a "unified India free of corruption". 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

5th Pillar organizes hunger strike in Coimbatore under the banner "Coimbatore against Corruption"

5th Pillar organized a hunger strike on 19 August 2011 in Coimbatore in front of Hotel Tamil Nadu, under the banner “Coimbatore against Corruption” in which many organizations like ACM, AIMS INDIA, Annai Trust, Assoc. RTI & CSO of TN, Bharatha Vote Bank, Catalyst Trust, Coimbatore Consumer Action, Coimbatore-Peelamedu-Pollachi Consumer Voice, Eeram, FEDCOT, Helping Hearts, IC Centre for Governance, KEXWWS, KURAL, NACM, Sigaram, Velicham, Women’s Empowerment Trust took part. 200 students from many colleges took part in this protest and distributed the flier and voiced their opinion. 

Vanitha Mohan-Managing trustee of Siruthuli inaugurated the event. Dignitaries of Coimbatore like Ms. Anusha Mahesh- CEO of Park Institution, Mr. Shankar Vanavarayar- National President of Young Indians (Youth body of CII), Mr. Mohan Sankar- Patron of 5th Pillar & Chairman of Coimbatore consumer forum, Mr. Krishnan- President of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Mr. Pratap Gokuldas-Former Rotary Dst Governor, President of Gujarat Samaj, Mr. Kandasamy- President of CODISSIA took part in this protest and addressed the gathering. Student volunteers went around collecting signatures for the petition to the Prime Minister from the public. 

Hunger strike will continue tomorrow, 20 August at 5th Pillar’s office at 69 Barathi Park Road, 7th Cross, Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore. 

Mr. Vijay Anand- Co-founder & President of 5th Pillar has started on indefinite fast from 11 AM on 19 August and will end the fast when Anna Hazare will end his fast. Mr. Rajkumar Velu- Director of Operations of 5th Pillar, Coimbatore has begun his indefinite fast from 10 AM on 20 August. 5th Pillar members , students and public will participate in relay fasting starting from 20 August. 

Public are welcome to join the fast or take part in the signature campaign by visiting the 5th Pillar office, Coimbatore. The petition to the prime Minister is attached below.