Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Encroachment? Be firm; don't give up!

Mr. Velusamy Narasimanaicken Palayam in Coimbatore-TN, noticed that his neighbor​ Rani Selvaraj had encroached a piece of corporation land and built a fence around it. Velusamy filed a Right To Information(RTI) petition to PIO of respective Taluk office with help of 5th Pillar, Coimbatore Chapter. He got a reply for the RTI but no action was taken.

Then he filed 1st appeal to the Appellate authority of the Taluk office; he got the reply and the officers promptly came and measured the land , confirmed that it was Corporation land and notice was served to Rani Selvaraj to remove the encroachment. She ignored the notice, so Mr. Velusamy filed a complaint with the information commission, after which the officers sent another notice to the encroacher; this time she removed the fence around the Corporation land and it became free from her encroachment.

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